Who we are?

We are a team of people who believe and are convinced that if we understand the principles of the body, life, planet Earth, the Universe, God, accept ourselves with love and we live together with nature, then we will age slowly and gracefully. We become beautiful inside and out, regardless of how old we are. These facts and acceptances are best made before the individual's 40s. Even if this decision comes later, remember it's NEVER TOO LATE!

Over time, we will expand our pages, services, sections, so we recommend that you actively follow us.

Our advice, exercises and everything around it is based not only on studies, but above all on our own experiences and experiences. The best teacher is life itself!

And that gave rise to the first name of our center in the Czech Republic - the name SELAVIS.

The basis is the French word cést la vie (the wild boar) translated as THIS IS LIFE. So the phonetic transcription of the word cést la vie. And the "S" at the end? It's me, Svetlana. And Face Yoga Academy was subsequently created from our center in order to pass on and teach our experience, knowledge and skills further.

Stop surviving!

Forget your date of birth and come back in time. Rejuvenate in all aspects to live a quality, happy, healthy and loving life.

Your Face Yoga Academy team