Skin and lymphatic system

Do you know that every ethnicity ages differently?

There is a big difference between Europeans, Asians, Africans. Moreover, even on a continent such as Africa, there is a lineage between the Egyptians from North Africa and the black population near the equator.

Europeans are the worst off. They form the most wrinkles. If we compare an Asian with a European, around the age of 50 the wrinkles in an Asian will correspond to approximately the age of a 30-year-old European. We are talking about wrinkles and not facial contours.

Our skin consists of three layers:

- epidermis (skin)

- dermis (joint)

- hypodermis (subcutaneous tissue)

These three layers differ from each other in structure and function.

The smoothness, elasticity and firmness of the skin of the face largely depends on the collagen and elastic fibers of the joint, i.e. the dermis.

The skin is the largest organ of our body and it needs to be properly and healthily cared for.

Do you know that the sun is healthy? Do not use sunscreens other than natural ones.

Lymphatic and blood circulation in the face

Lymphatic and blood circulation in the face is also stimulated by facial expressions, i.e. facial gymnastics/yoga. This also increases the supply of oxygen to the face and achieves better oxygenation of the skin in the facial area. By stimulating the lymph, we reduce swelling in the face, for example. All this has a positive effect on the quality of the skin on the face.

For women and men of all ages :)