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Over the year we organize personal and online several courses and seminars for you all over the Egypt, Czech Republic and other countries which are focused on various topics: Face Yoga for beginners, Face Yoga intermediate and for advanced, eye exercises for beautiful and healthy eyes. An overview of organized courses and seminars, their content, including additional information you may find here:  Current offer of lessons and courses 

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Svetlana Mihulova

  • The most frequent question - How old are you? And that's why I'm announcing to everyone in advance, I'm from 1976 :-)
  • Creator and founder of the FACE YOGA ACADEMY
  • Creator and founder of the SELAVIS center
  • Accredited lecturer, therapist and trainer of anti-aging&health therapy
  • The author of the books:

1: Facial Yoga for Beginners and Intermediate-Phase I. building BESTSELLER

2: Eye yoga - healthy and beautiful eyes at any age

  • Lecturer at Face Yoga Academy, Selavis center and Improve Academy
  • The therapist of Light therapy, Photobiomodulation Led light panels and laser for adults and children
  • The trainer of SM system, Eye therapy, Hirudotherapy

What is facial yoga, facial gymnastics or self-lifting?

Facial yoga or facial gymnastics, i.e. self-lifting, is an exercise that restores flexibility, firmness, fullness and clear contours of the entire face. This method is called facial muscle training (strengthening and stretching), where we're achieving a more youthful appearance by 5 to 15 years, using a non-invasive method.

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Beauty and skin health are important to all of us. Although there are many cosmetic products and procedures that promise to improve the appearance of the skin, more and more people are looking for a natural and sustainable approach to beauty. One of these approaches is facial yoga – an exercise aimed at strengthening facial muscles and reducing...

Facial yoga is suitable for people from childhood to old age. It depends for what reason we practice facial yoga.

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