Face Yoga

Facial yoga - that's a youthful, wrinkle-free, full-contoured face!

"You can get younger already at 30!"

Our face is the first thing that affects our surroundings either positively or negatively.

In our face we are reflecting ourselves, our inside, soul, heart, brain and whole body.

Aging is a natural process for a fact and it affects us on a physical, psychological and spiritual level. Aging cannot be stopped, but we can slow it down and be happier and healthier. We can feel more beautiful and accomplished by understanding the principles of life, our planet Earth and the Universe. Since ancient times, people have tried to rejuvenate themselves in various ways, e.g. elixirs of youth, herbal wraps...etc.ur 

Are you around 30? Stop the action of time. Reverse aging.

Are you over 40? Get 10 years younger in 10 weeks.

Are you over 50? Get 10 years younger in 16 weeks.

We must remember that creams provide nutrition and hydration. But no cream can improve the muscle tone of the skin like our face yoga exercises. Facial gymnastics is a natural, painless, economical and healthy solution to the effects of aging on our skin.

We at Face Yoga Academy are convinced that when we understand the principles of the body, life, planet Earth, the Universe and accept ourselves with love and at the same time coexist with nature, then we age slower and more gracefully. We are becoming more beautiful inside and out regardless of how old we areer

It is better to realize that you want to take the next step before the age of 40, but even if you decide later, just remember it's NEVER TOO LATE!

Let's just forget the date of our birth, let's go back in time and get, be and feel younger.

"A smile and a kind look cost us nothing and at the same time pleases every being."

Three stances

As the years go by, each person has a choice as to how they approach their aging. Nowadays, there are two prevailing attitudes towards wrinkles.


he resigns himself to the influence of time and accepts the natural course of life, claiming that these are wrinkles that speak of life experiences.

Is it right? And is it really that easy? What woman or man would be satisfied to look at their reflection in the mirror, which is drooping with many wrinkles? I believe that all of us desire to be attractive and desirable.

We are entitled to it and it is also an obligation. Not for others, but for yourself. A commitment to take care of yourself to preserve the energy of life as long as possible. The energy of life is closely connected with the will to live and not to resign to the manifested signs of time. By resigning, we accelerate and strengthen our old age.

This concept should belong to the past. It is not about eagerness or narcissism.

Natural self-care should be one of the basic principles that make both men and women more confident and beautiful. It is not about not accepting the usual flow of time, nor about preoccupation, but about an immediate improvement in the quality of life. Natural gradual aging gives us positive energy and fulfillment. Surrendering to aging and thereby resigning to life takes away our energy and desire to live with the feeling that life will bring us nothing new.


he is narcissistic and fanatical in my view. It is about not leaving signs of aging on our body and trying to do everything possible to slow down time. These people are willing to undergo an inordinate amount of plastic surgery (if there are funds for it, and if not, they are willing to go into debt) to the point where they no longer resemble themselves. Both women and men are willing to undergo such extremes in utter desperation. It is the helplessness and emptiness that he carries within himself. From another point of view, if someone has a healthy relationship with plastic surgeries and is not afraid of the consequences that may occur, the decision is up to each of them.

It is important to realize that the effects we expect from undergoing plastic surgery can be achieved even without the intervention of a surgeon, with the help of facial yoga - self-lifting.


The previous two approaches are not ideal in my opinion, so let's take a look at the middle ground. This can be a regular cosmetic treatment, regular facial gymnastics, which preserves the natural firmness and elasticity of the face. And that's the point! It's about youthful contours and natural wrinkles that are sexy. After all, wrinkles are experiences written into our faces. It is our book of life. A person without wrinkles is a person without a past.

Take care of yourself not because some people think aging is undignified and unattractive. Take care of yourself becouse you value yourself enough to take care of your well being. Feel confident, be optimistic, be healthy, at any age. If a wall in your house cracks, you will also make an effort to repair it as quickly and conveniently as possible. You want to live in a beautiful, healthy and cozy environment. Likewise, we should take care of our appearance because our body is the house of our soul.

"Let's take care of our body, because it is the dome of our soul"

What is Facial Yoga, Facial Gymnastics or Self-lifting?

Facial yoga or facial gymnastics, i.e. self-lifting, is an exercise that restores flexibility, firmness, fullness and clear contours of the entire face. This method is called facial muscle training (strengthening and stretching), where we're achieving a more youthful appearance by 5 to 15 years, using a non-invasive method. It's a method without using any scalpel or botox or any other not only painful but also dangerous method. We eliminate already formed wrinkles. We slow down the appearance of new wrinkles, our skin shines more, it's more tightened and our clear facial contours return and we achieve a full, more younger looking, beautiful, healthy appearance.

Find strength, support within yourself, become a healer for yourself and those around you.

You can start exercising anywhere at any age and anywhere. It's never too early, never too late.

You can train and learn from anyone. But we always recommend checking whether the trainer and lecturer are not only "self-proclaimed" trainers and lecturers that are just trying to take advantage of the ignorance of the people around them. Whether they do have a valid education in the field of COACHING and preferably in health science, because working with muscles is a responsibility and it is not only about muscles, but also about reflex points on the face, spine...etc.

It's recommended to start practicing when you're in your thirties. Facial yoga should become part of the personal care of every man and woman. At this age, performing some exercises 2x to 3x a week in a fast form is absolutely sufficient. You will be well rewarded with a completely wrinkle-free face and a beautifully smooth skin. You will slow down aging, if you start exercising regularly from the age of 30. At 40 you'll look like 30, at 50 like 38, at 60 like 45. This is because you simply do not allow your face to age: wrinkles will develop minimally and the skin will still be beautifully firm.

If you start exercising in your fourties, facial gymnastics is a must, because the skin is really loose and it's starting to lose tone. After the initial intensive treatment, which lasts from 1 to 2 months (depending on the condition of the skin), maintenance exercises 3 to 5 times a week in a fast form are sufficient. In this case you can expect similarly intense rejuvenation, you will look 30 at 40, 38 at 50, and 45 at 60.

If you start exercising after 50, it will take more time to repair the damage caused by age. Intensive training will be required for 3 months, but the reward will be minus 10 years from your age. After 3 months, you can switch to maintenance exercises 5 times a week.

From the age of 60, at least 5 months of self-lifting exercises are needed to achieve the best results, and then maintenance exercises are needed at least 5 times a week. But the result is worth it; even at this age, with regular facial gymnastics, he will look younger by 10 to 20 years (it depends on many factors).

If you start exercising, the muscle gets bigger and shorter (that's why abdominal exercises are called "shortening exercises"). This will also cause the skin to tighten, as the muscle outlines the entire surface of the face. This strengthens the facial muscles and achieves a natural lifting effect, while also beautifully delineating the contours of the face.

Regular exercise needs to be supplemented with massages that stimulate blood circulation in the capillaries of the muscle tissue and joints. Better circulation increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle fibers and supports the renewal of skin cells. Furthermore, during massage, the muscles relax and disconnect the adhesions between actin and myosin fibers, which create the deepest wrinkles.

Both facial yoga and massage further stimulate the flow of lymph, which helps to flush away toxins and reduce swelling in the face. We always recommend opening the lymph before exercise so that it flows well.

Blood circulation in the tissues, which the training strengthens, increases metabolism and thanks to that, the skin receives more nutrients. This action will brighten and revive our skin. Training the facial muscles also reduces the unevenness and fat layers that are the cause of excess weight.

The resulting effect of exercising the facial muscles is manifested by an improvement in the skin tone, firming and redrawing of contours, wonderful brightening of the eyes, but also fuller lips and a narrower neck with firmer skin.

With some exercises, you may find that your wrinkles are deepening or forming new ones. Don't panic! The reality is different. By repeating various exercises, you can notice the temporary wrinkles that appear with training. But after that series ends, it disappears. It takes a huge number of repetitions to form a wrinkle. On the contrary, you perform one self-lifting exercise for a maximum of one and a half minutes per day (as many repetitions as possible), so no more wrinkles can form. At the end of each exercise, we perform a massage to smooth the face beautifully. Properly performed facial exercises result in the reduction and elimination of wrinkles.

You can find all the necessary information for the exercise in the "HOW TO START EXERCISE" section.

A person without wrinkles is a person without a past.


  • safe
  • almost cost-free compared to medical procedures
  • painless
  • we perform correction of the entire face and neck
  • it looks completely natural
  • preserves or restores youth and has a lasting effect if you exercise regularly for at least 10 minutes every day
  • facial yoga/gymnastics also removes facial muscle asymmetry
  • you feel better mentally
  • you help the whole body
  • you are returning to your natural beauty


Achieving the first results depends on certain factors. Such as age, body weight, genetic predisposition, but also the depth and type of wrinkles. If you already have wrinkles due to the fusion of actin and myosin structures, it will take longer to smooth them out, because it is necessary to separate them from each other again not only with regular exercises, but also with massages. The results may not appear until a year later.

If, on the other hand, are the wrinkles caused by loose skin, we can count on the effects in just a few weeks, depending on the type and condition of the skin. The first visible effects, which are noticed by those around you, usually appear after the first month of regular exercise. You can notice feedback from the surroundings, people will flatter you that you look somehow better.

After two months of regular exercise, they will suspect you of having undergone some cosmetic treatment such as a facelift.

It is possible to say that people under 50 with a healthy slim body are going to see results faster. People with a higher body weight will have to wait longer for the effects, as the fat between the muscles and the skin prevents the sagging skin from shortening faster. Self-lifting helps the skin to deal with defects caused by excess fat, and the skin thus becomes firmer, firmer and younger.


A well-executed self-lifting exercise does not result in the muscles becoming so large that they look unattractive. With exercise, the muscle becomes firmer and stronger, thus shortening, which leads to the desired result similar to lifting. The enlargement only takes place to the stage where the wrinkles are filled with muscle and give a youthful appearance, while the aging face of slim people is not filled with fat so much and the face appears flat. We can compare it to Pilates or yoga. With perfect regular training, we will not achieve a large increase in mass, the body will only be brought to an adequate state of tension and strengthening. The same thing applies to perfectly performed facial yoga/gymnastics.


There are three basic phases of exercise:




The recommended exercise time depends on the age and condition of the skin, how long the regeneration and lifting phase will be.

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