How to start exercising

Basic informations

As with any sport, you need to start from scratch. Yes, you will find female trainers combining different parts and exercises, but if you do not master the basics correctly, progress is not possible or does not bear the desired fruit.

"We treat your face and neck comprehensively. This is the magic of a youthful appearance. Forget about a certain wrinkle that bothers you. Your face always looks younger, fresher, radiant if it has volume, firm contours and the skin is taut. One wrinkle less or more makes you younger it won't even make the elderly."

Based on my experience, I have prepared and will prepare a series of exercises divided into several levels according to difficulty. I recommend starting with FACE YOGA ACAEDEMY BEGINNER and then ADVANCED BEGINNER ...etc.. It makes no sense to start with higher levels, because you would engage the muscles poorly, you would strain yourself unnecessarily and the effect would not be the same as you would achieve with gradual and correct training. Otherwise, you could get unnecessary wrinkles.

You can buy instructional videos and E-books in our E-shop at nominal prices. Each video will be labeled with the name of that level. The first two levels are available now, more will be available later.

"Creams provide nourishment and hydration, but no cream can tone the skin like our facial yoga/gymnastics.

Our self-lifting exercise is a natural, painless, economical, healthy solution to the effects of aging on our skin and body."

In instructional videos and subsequently e-books, you will learn how to start exercising, wake up your facial muscles, begin to perceive them, practice them and then control them in other daily activities as well. When you master the basic exercises and are able to control the given muscles, you will not have to look at yourself in the mirror or concentrate only on the exercise. This will save you a lot of time. Later we will add more exercises and combinations.

"Do you know that if you paid as little attention to the muscles of your body as you do to the muscles of your face, you wouldn't even be able to walk?"

Proper execution of well-chosen exercises is the basis of the desired success. Poor execution or incorrectly chosen exercises can lead to the formation of new wrinkles or the emphasis of already formed ones.

In order to maintain the form you build up during the exercise, it is necessary to follow regular training. Just as when the body stops exercising, the muscles weaken, so do the muscles in the face. You can handle regular maintenance exercise even with a high time load, because it only lasts a short time, unlike intensive reparative (lifting) exercise.

"Facial gymnastics/yoga exercises are suitable for both women and men of any age."

Anyone can start at any time.

Phases of exercise and their effect on facial areas

Some exercises are meant to stretch the muscles and thus smooth out wrinkles. Other exercises strengthen them, i.e. shorten the muscle. They lift the given part or perform the desired lifting. They return firm, clear and drawn contours to the face that belong to youth. Facial yoga/gymnastics also includes relaxation exercises and massages that smooth out wrinkles by relaxing the muscles and loosening the adhesions between actin and myosin fibers that create most deep wrinkles. In addition to self-lifting exercises, massages also stimulate blood circulation in the capillaries of muscle tissue and joints. This improved circulation increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle fibers and promotes skin cell renewal. Both massage and exercise further stimulate the flow of lymph, which helps flush out toxins and reduce facial puffiness.

"A smile is rejuvenating and costs us nothing..."

Exercise phase

There are three basic phases of exercise:

REGENERATION - BUILD MUSCLES, creation of muscle mass                                                            INTENSIVE - LIFTING, training of muscles and exercises                                                              MAINTENANCE - this phase is lifelong and is a combination of phase 1 and 2 with proper exercise rotation

The recommended exercise time depends on the age and condition of the skin, how long the regeneration and lifting phase will be. However, we recommend following the regeneration phase for 3 weeks, i.e. 21 days, followed by an intensive phase of 21 days and finally a maintenance phase as a combination of regeneration and lifting phase. This third phase is lifelong and is a combination of phase 1 and 2 with effective exercise rotation.

"In 21 days, everything will become routine..."

Effect on facial areas


The most common indicator of age is our neck. 99% of men and women suffer from a sagging neck. If we properly train our neck muscles, we will achieve part modeling, regular contours, a taut, elastic and smooth neck without wrinkles, including a beautiful nape. Plastic surgery cannot offer you this.

Chin and chin

A double chin or chin is caused by the weakening of the tongue muscles and the muscles of the lower part of the chin. A chin is a very common phenomenon in men, but also in women. In order to strengthen the second chin, we must strengthen the muscles of the chin and tongue. This will remove the already formed double chin and strengthen the lines of the chin or prevent the formation of a double chin.

Tongue or chin pain may occur with this series of exercises.

Don't panic, the pain will go away. It is a completely normal phenomenon.

Bottom jaw

The firm contour of the lower jaw gives us a beautiful, youthful profile and is inextricably linked to the chin and chin area. T It is very convenient to practice both of these parts together. During strengthening, the contour of the lower jaw is drawn again, the lines are rounded and you get a firm, expressive look like in youth.


Our mouth is a sexy magnet for many people. The lips are not a muscle, but are formed by the circular muscle around the lips and the adjacent facial muscles. If we have a weak circular muscle of the mouth, the lips are asymmetrical, the upper or lower lip may be drawn in, the contours of the lips are broken, the corners of the mouth and cheeks are sagging, there are wrinkles around the mouth or a sunken center of the face. By exercising, we achieve strengthening, lifting and rounding of the cheeks, full youthful, soft lips without wrinkles around them, lifting of the corners of the mouth and overall strengthening of the mouth area.


Your face is shaped by your muscles more than your bones. Sagging cheeks, sagging soft tissues on the cheekbones also affect the nasolabial fold and the appearance of wrinkles on the cheeks. In this series of exercises, we will strengthen all facial muscles, the small and large cheek muscles, and thereby strengthen the lower, middle and upper cheeks. Our cheeks are shaped into round faces and our facial muscles gain strength, elasticity and tension.


Eyes are the mirror to our soul and reflect our feelings and emotions like happiness, sadness, joy, anger, love...etc. Muscles around the eye that are weak cause a sagging and aged appearance, and droopy upper eyelids look tired and sad.

Eye exercises strengthen and shape our eyes. If your problem area is the eyes, we recommend strengthening not only the circular eye muscle, but also the frontal. Don't neglect eyeball exercises either.


Wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows give us, among other things, a frowning and angry expression. By strengthening the frontal and occipital muscles, we achieve the smoothing of forehead wrinkles and the overall self-lifting effect of the entire face.

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How to start exercising

The brain of all people should encode information in 21 days of repetition, and in addition, we are here and will be for you 365 days a year so that you have the opportunity to learn, or just consult or share your joys, sorrows, opinions and experiences, you should in us support and friends.

"Healthy body healthy mind..."

In order to practice well from the beginning and be able to correctly identify which muscle and part we are working out, it is advisable to sit in front of a mirror, or have a mirror with you to check if you are not sure.

Start practicing from the beginning, i.e. FACE YOGA ACAEDEMY BEGINNER and then ADVANCED BEGINNER, than lifting phase for advanced - STAGE 3 and more.

First, it is necessary to learn how to properly practice individual parts, muscles and their exercises until we reach the point of practicing the whole face. Subsequently, when you have mastered everything, we can combine exercises.

"Do you have a certain part more allowed? Add endurance from 5 to 10 seconds. Gentle muscle fatigue with each exercise is a sign that you are exercising correctly."

For all parts of the exercise, it is advisable to start the exercise from the neck and perform at least one exercise for each facial muscle or at least a part, because as soon as we strengthen one of the muscles, we will automatically affect the other muscles in the face and facial parts, which also applies vice versa.

All the muscles on the face are interconnected and attach directly to the skin. And that is the most important moment! When we strengthen the facial muscles, the skin automatically turns off. This is a big difference from the body. The muscles on the body do not attach to the skin, which is why after weight reduction, especially in old age, the skin is saggy, even if you exercise.

"Discretion is our policy!"

Please note that:

initially, muscles that are not used to this exercise may be more resistant, i.e. the effect will appear in a few days and not immediately.

don't be alarmed if you experience pain and fatigue in some or all muscles. It's the same as going to the gym.

if you have health problems with the cervical spine, migraines and other problems in the head and neck area, consult your doctor about the exercises.

"In order to increase the efficiency of the exercise and reduce the resistance of the muscles, we use the fingers of the hand as our helpers for the exercise."

When and how often to exercise

Exercise is suitable at any time of the day. In the morning, during the day in the office, in the car or when playing with children, washing the dishes or at night before going to bed.

From my personal experience, it is very beneficial for your face and neck to blood, stretch and nourish our neck and face every morning before we wash. Right from the morning, you will appear radiant, youthful, fresh and positive. You can see and learn the exercises that are most suitable for this in our ONLINE EXERCISES.

As we mention in our articles, it is better to exercise 10-15 minutes a day than once a week for an hour. According to your time options, choose 1-2 exercises for each part of the face and properly practice these exercises. Don't forget a quick warm-up and relaxing massage after exercise, when you apply oil, serum, creams (cosmetics you use) to your skin. When following this regimen, I recommend practicing the entire series of exercises at least once a week.

We recommend consulting with a trainer, completing at least a basic course for beginners in person or online, drawing up a weekly exercise plan based on your needs, age, time options, predispositions and weakened facial areas. With this procedure, you will eliminate the wrong choice of exercises if you do not attend our ONLINE EXERCISES AND COURSES and save yourself time, money and disappointment.

"Find strength, support within yourself, let's become healers for ourselves and those around us..."

Important principles and recommendations for exercise

FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS: perform all exercises according to the instructions, carefully and fully. Do each exercise at least as many times as recommended. You can even double the number of repetitions.

POSITION: always stand or sit relaxed but upright. Keep the tongue loosely attached to the front teeth unless otherwise directed. Leave a space between the upper and lower teeth. This will prevent unwanted tension during exercise.

BREATHING: remember to breathe regularly and freely, never hold your breath. Breathing relieves stress, among other things.

DRINKING REGIME: drink regularly in small portions throughout the day, even during exercise

VISUALIZATION AND CONCENTRATION: engage only the muscles we are supposed to engage and exercise, leave the others relaxed. Free yourself from thinking about how you look during exercise, but feel your muscles and subsequent movements. Visualize the given exercise according to the trainer's instructions.

CHECK IN THE MIRROR: if you are not sure, check in the mirror that you are engaging the right muscle and other muscles are relaxed, but don't watch yourself the whole time, otherwise you will forget to feel the muscles properly for the exercises and your mind will focus on the visual aspect.

REGULARITY: exercise regularly 3-5 times a week

ENDURANCE: it's normal if you can't do some exercises right away, or if you have muscle tremors, pain...etc. He just needs to persevere and keep trying. After a few days, you will find that you can do the exercise easily on your own.

PAIN: Feel your body and follow it. If you feel pain other than the muscles being exercised, stop exercising. Sharp pain in the teeth, jaw, facial nerves is not okay. Read again how to do the exercise and be patient. It just takes practice. If the pain continues even after a while, consult your doctor.

OUR HANDS TO INCREASE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF EXERCISES AND HELP WITH WRINKLES DURING EXERCISES: for some exercises we already use our fingers and for some we don't. Help yourself with your fingers according to the instructions, this will increase the effect of the exercises.

If you find that one of the exercises creates wrinkles for you (when performing it, your skin wrinkles), place your fingers lightly on the given place so that you prevent the skin from wrinkling, but you do not create pressure on the muscles under the skin. Examples: For facial exercises, your face will wrinkle: the "smile" exercise, lightly place your fingers on the area. The same with cheek exercises. Some people experience wrinkling under the eyes. Again, place your fingers lightly on the area. With this light fixation, you will prevent unwanted wrinkling. It is very individual according to the shape of the face, disposition, age...etc.

"Only physical activity will force the muscles to maintain their shape, strength and flexibility."

Do you want to learn when and how often to exercise? Sign up for our course, where you will learn the correct technique, dynamics and procedures.

If we don't exercise regularly

If you stop doing face gymnastics, it has the same effects as if you stop exercising the body. Muscles weaken and loosen, the skin begins to sag and wrinkles form. But don't panic!

If you are already in the maintenance phase (i.e. you have completed both building and lifting), you can skip Facial Gymnastics for 3 to 4 weeks without the condition of your skin significantly changing for the worse.


- acute illness or infection (flu, sore throat, tooth inflammation...etc.)

- migraine

- problems with the cervical spine (with some exercises)

If you suffer from a chronic disease and are not sure whether facial yoga/gymnastics is suitable for you, we recommend that you consult your attending physician.