Wrinkles... away with them!

As we have already said above, wrinkles are caused by facial expressions and muscle weakness, among other things. However, just controlling our facial expressions is not enough.

Without care and strengthening, the muscles weaken, the skin sags and permanent expression lines form. Many years of bad habits shorten the length of facial muscles, and wrinkles begin to appear on the skin that covers the shortened muscles.

Plastic surgery works the same way: facelifts don't turn off your face by just removing excess skin, they also have to remove a piece of flabby muscle!). During facial gymnastics, however, the entire epidermis and dermis gets better blood circulation, which is thus better nourished in depth, and thus its quality improves. This improvement is also reflected in the smoothing of fine surface wrinkles, which are caused by the loss of collagen in the tissues of the dermis.

By regularly strengthening and stretching the facial muscles, we eliminate already formed wrinkles, slow down the appearance of new wrinkles, brighten and brighten our skin, and achieve a healthy, youthful appearance.

"A person without wrinkles is a person without a past"

Do you know that every ethnicity ages differently?

There is a big difference between Europeans, Asians, Africans. Moreover, even on a continent such as Africa, there is a lineage between the Egyptians from North Africa and the black population near the equator.

Europeans are the worst off. They form the most wrinkles. If we compare an Asian with a European, around the age of 50 the wrinkles in an Asian will correspond to approximately the age of a 30-year-old European. We are talking about wrinkles and not facial contours.

Two types of wrinkles:

Wrinkles due to muscle wasting and tone. They are deeper and completely fine wrinkles. Wrinkles are manifested by the earth's attraction and flabbiness of the muscles. This is showing true old age. With less use, the musculature weakens and, without strengthening, is pulled down by the earth's gravity. In this way, for example, nasolabial folds are created, which cause drooping cheeks, which then further deepen wrinkles around the lips, on the chin, drooping eyelids, which with their pressure deepen the fans around the eyes.

Expression wrinkles, i.e. facial wrinkles (laughter, crying, anger, etc.), are created by frequent repetition of certain facial gestures. These permanent expression lines are built perpendicular to the direction of the fibers in the facial muscles. Facial yoga/gymnastics can relax these muscles and, with a special lifting massage, massage the adhesions that cause these mimic wrinkles. Wrinkles gradually disappear and the skin of your face is smoothed.

"Don't forget that some wrinkles are beautiful, sexy, lovely... they are our past and present..."

Wrinkle locations and effects of regular facial yoga/gymnastics practice

  1. Wrinkles in the forehead area - the forehead area will be smooth again.
  2. Wrinkles at the base of the nose between the eyebrows give the face an angry expression - after the wrinkles are smoothed out, the face becomes brighter.
  3. Drooping eyebrows create a discordant and exhausted expression - the eyebrows will be raised and your gaze will become clearer.
  4. Sagging upper eyelids - the upper eyelids are tightened, the eyes are beautifully highlighted and brightened.
  5. Lower eyelids and fan-shaped wrinkles around the eyes - fans and wrinkles on the lower eyelids are smoothed out.
  6. Weakened and flabby cheeks in the area of ​​the cheekbones without volume - the cheeks are filled and rejuvenated.
  7. Nasolabial folds - the lines between the nose and the cheeks that form sagging cheeks - the lines are reduced by strengthening and deactivating the muscles in the cheeks and cheekbones.
  8. Sunken and sagging lips, wrinkles around the lips, disappearing lip lines, lips lose their fullness, the upper lip draws in and becomes thinner, the corners of the lips fall down and give the face a sad expression, and in older age cause the entire face to sag - the lips regain fullness, wrinkles are gradually smoothed out, the line of the lips is clearly highlighted again, the corners of the lips are raised and the face returns to a joyful expression, the center of the face is raised.
  9. Weakened and drooping lower cheeks, jaws, provis skin at the border of the chin and jaw - the line of the lower jaw is strengthened, the contour is accentuated and lifted. We will achieve a fresh look.
  10. A flabby chin with wrinkles in the middle, a double chin, a chin without clear contours - by exercising, the chin is strengthened, strengthened and its outline stands out, the double chin disappears and the wrinkles are gradually smoothed out.
  11. Sagging skin and muscles on the neck with wrinkles revealing your age - the neck is smoothed and visibly strengthened. When the neck becomes slimmer, it becomes optically longer. Wrinkles are gradually smoothed out.

With facial yoga/gymnastics, it is possible to achieve the same results as with the help of plastic surgery, except that the exercise will make you feel better, help the whole body and save a lot of money.