Online trainings of face yoga

We offer individual and group online trainings which are intended for all clients who have completed at least a basic Face Yoga course at our Face yoga Academy.


Individual training(not course) in english are intended for all clients who have completed at least a basic Face Yoga course with Světlana at our Face yoga Academy. The term is always determined by agreement of both parties. The training lasts 60 minutes. It is taught individually in online via ZOOM, SKYPE, MESSENGER, WHATSAPP.


Training in group (not course) in english are intended for all clients who have completed at least a basic Face Yoga course with Světlana at our Face yoga Academy. 

The training takes place via ZOOM.

A training class lasts 50 minutes. 

Group training takes place from 30.11.2023, every Thursday from 07 pm to 7:50 pm Czech time.

Booking training (for everyone with and without a season ticket) HERE


The price for online lessons depends on the single entry to the lesson or the purchase of a season ticket.

One entry: 25 Euro/training hour - 50 minutes/1 person. Purchase of one lesson is possible for all graduates of Facial Yoga Academy courses. Signing in and out of lessons for the selected dates is handled by the client himself, according to his options.

Season ticket for 10 entrances - discounted admission, 20 Euro/training hour/1 person. Valid for 10 months from purchase. Signing in and out of lessons for the selected dates is handled by the client himself, according to his options HERE. Total price of the season ticket: 200 Eur

What do you need to know about online courses or online training?

How to book or cancel a group online lesson:

Reservation of group online training in the reservation system HERE

Reserve a season ticket in the Face Yoga Academy e-shop HERE

Cancellation of group online training again in the reservation system HERE 

How to book individual training?

The date of the Individual online training must be arranged at:

Payment and invoicing

After selecting a product in our e-shop, please pay. After payment and credit to our bank account, an invoice will be sent to you.

When will you get the link?

You will receive a link to your email one hour before the lesson with a link to the training you have booked and paid for.

What equipment do you need?

Mainly internet connection. You can use a PC, tablet or phone.

How to join a group online course or online training via Zoom or Skype?

Click on the given link, at least 5 minutes before the start of the advised training, to be sure that everything works for you. The trainer will be present approx. 5 minutes beforehand and will let you into the virtual room. It may take a while.

How to click on the link?

Click on the link directly in the email. If the link does not start by itself, copy it and paste it as a URL into the browser and confirm the entry. A window will open in the browser - a menu from the ZOOM or Skype program.

ZOOM: Click the link, you need to download the program. It will take you a few seconds. Enter the password that was sent to you with the link, confirm the use of the camera and microphone of the device from which you are connecting. Verification will take place and then the trainer will accept you into the group.

SKYPE: you have two options to choose from.

Choose an option depending on whether or not you have Skype installed.

1. If you do not have the program: click on the option to connect as a HOST. In the next step, confirm the camera and microphone. This will give you free access.

2. If you already have Skype: click Open in Skype. Click Start Call. And we are connected.

In both of these ways we connect and see. If you join and contact the trainer outside the link, she will not be able to join you to the given group.

How to behave during training, what is and is not allowed:

Turn off the TV, radios in the immediate vicinity, keep the microphone away from the speakers (if you don't have them in the PC) so that feedback does not occur.


A window or light should preferably be in front of you (frontal view), it must never be behind you, as you would not be seen (blinds the camera).

It is necessary to turn on the camera.

It is not allowed to have the camera turned off during training so that you can see the trainer and the trainer cannot see you.

It is forbidden to make any audio or video recordings.

As soon as you connect with the trainer, you say hello and then she prompts you - prompts you to turn off the microphone. You will hear her, she won't hear you. This is because when it comes to mass training, sounds from your home and other homes would disturb the training. For possible communication, we will use the chat, which the trainer will guide you to. At the end of practice, you turn on the microphones to say goodbye.

Recommendations, training equipment

Facial yoga: Online training via Zoom and Skype suitable even for beginners.

It is not a problem to wear make-up, but we recommend practicing without make-up and with cleansed skin. Prepare a little oil, water in a spray and something to drink.

Pay attention

If you see that the number is 0/50 for the lesson you selected, it means that no one is registered for the lesson. If you log in before the lesson, there is a risk that the lecturer will not notice the login and the lesson may not take place without you being informed of this fact. We recommend applying as soon as possible.

If you register for the morning lesson in the evening or at night, we are not able to notify you that the lesson is cancelled.

We practice from 2 people per lesson.

A reservation for a specific group training date is possible no later than 3 hours before the start of the class.

Cancellation of a lesson without a cancellation fee is possible within 24 hours.

Otherwise, there is a 100% cancellation for the canceled lesson.

Clients who do not have a season ticket prepaid - will receive the link only after paying for the lesson. When booking at the last minute, it is necessary to send confirmation of payment to the email: Subsequently, a link with a password for the given training will be sent.

Online lessons for clients who have not completed any course in our FAce Yoga Academy with Svetlana are accessible once for a trial, as a taster. Subsequently, the client has two options:

a) take a basic facial yoga course with Svetlana, or

b) purchase a minimum season ticket for training in the number of 10 lessons.

It is forbidden to make any audio or video recordings or written ones during training. It is necessary to have the camera running so that the trainer can see you.

I want to book a group lesson, enter the reservation system: HERE

Overview of all our services: HERE