Happy Customers

Martina Cichrová: I recommend course for Face Yoga trainers. Alongside professional instructor Světlanka, you will not only learn to master exercises, train and get to know our muscles, but you will also get a lot of rewarding information on how to feel and look great and then spread this enlightenment. Thank you Martina.

Marry B. - Mrs. Světlana led the course very well, I really liked it. When one exercises for a long time and regularly, wonderful results are evident. Thanks a lot.

Petra S., 48 years old - lawyer "Good day Ms. Svetlana, I was pleasantly surprised by the course, it took place in a very pleasant atmosphere and I thoroughly enjoyed the exercise under your professional guidance. I left you with a newly acquired feeling of freshness in my face and it was very pleasant. I experienced a similar feeling today after practicing the morning restart according to the instructions you sent. I will definitely continue the practice and look forward to our next individual lesson. Thank you once again for everything and I wish you a beautiful and relaxing Advent time."

Janette L. - "When I worked out with Svetlana on YouTube, I said to myself, I want to have this woman in my living room and work out with her."

Lucy, 36 years old - mother on maternity leave - "Thank you, Svetlush, for your excellent work. Thanks to your facial gymnastics training, my skin is firm again and my nasolabial folds have almost disappeared. I look great even without botox. This investment really pays off. Svetlana he is a pleasant person and a professional in his position. Thank you very much and I recommend him to everyone."

K.B - I really liked the course, you do it very naturally, non-violently and create a pleasant environment. I believe in facial yoga and it can be seen on your face that it makes sense. Thank you very much and I look forward to the second course. I wish you many satisfied customers. I recommend everyone to take at least the basic SELAVIS facial yoga course for beginners.

Mary, 58 years old - doctor - "I recommend it to everyone who cares about health and a youthful appearance. Svetlana is a very experienced woman and trainer with a human approach. People around me tell me that I look under 50 years of age and I feel great! My plan is as follows : I exercise daily for 15 minutes in the morning during my normal morning activities. About 5 minutes in the car to work. Twice a week I train with Svetlana via SKYPE. Absolute satisfaction with SELAVIS services. I recommend!"

Petr, 45 years old - businessman - "I started practicing functional exercises 3 months ago because of migraines. I was also prescribed facial yoga for functional training. I was skeptical and it seemed inefficient. Svetlana, thank you for the perfect guidance and approach. I am a classic man, I wouldn't work out on my own. I feel and look so much better. I love going to your place."

Lucy, 48 years old - saleswoman - "I had a stroke and started working out with Mrs. Svetlanka two months ago 3 times a week. We practice functional training and facial yoga. The fact that I look better is a nice bonus for me. Much more important is that she has mobility in the face and body coordination is better. My skills are improving. This girl can do it. Thank you and I recommend it."

Y.K - I recommend the Basic Face Yoga course for beginners to everyone. Svetlana is an absolutely wonderful person and will patiently explain what and how several times, so that everyone understands the correctness of the exercise... and everything goes better with a smile. Thank you and I look forward to the next training and meeting.

Monica, 48 years old - assistant - "After plastic surgery of the upper eyelids, my eyes looked the same. Unfortunately, one eye simply reacted differently during facial expressions. I started practicing with Mrs. Svetlanka and I didn't really believe that it would improve. After a month of practice, I can see that the difference it is almost imperceptible and I really look younger and fresher! Thank you very much, I will continue to recommend you."

Marry B. - I participated in a basic online facial yoga course for beginners. Mrs. Svetlana led it excellently, I really liked it and I will definitely continue. When a person exercises for a long time and regularly, the results are visible. Thanks a lot.

Veronica N. - Hello, Svetlana! I would like to thank you very much for your videos and book, I found exactly what I was looking for. You have done it very nicely and clearly. I really like the clarity and the explained connections in the book Facial Yoga for Beginners and Intermediates, I have recommended you to my friends, my mother also appreciated the night.

Iveta. K. 42 years Beautiful day, Svetlana, thank you very much for the lesson! It's fine, but what really got me totally excited about facial yoga is your video on YouTube with the "lion" exercise. From what I had heard about facial yoga before, I was sure that it must be great, but I never dreamed that its effects would be noticeable immediately at my age of 42! I've been practicing with you several times a day for a few days now and I'm absolutely thrilled! Thank you very much again, Thank you for what you do for us! :)

D. T Hello, I saw your performance in Good Morning, I liked it and that's why I ordered the video. Thank you for the demonstration, it expanded the series of exercises that I use to practice my "stiff" face with sagging contours. I relax perfectly.

Lucie P. - Thank you Svetlana for the seminar and materials. It was great, including interesting information about how the body works. On Wednesday morning, my whole body hurt, as you said. Have a great holiday and I look forward to our online one-on-one lessons.