Code of Ethics FYAS

Face Yoga Academy Code of Ethics valid for all FYAS certified trainers

This code of ethics is binding on all trainers certified by Face Yoga Academy (FYAS).

  • Our work and approach to clients and participants of our courses is based on the values of democracy and human rights arising from the ethical feelings of each of us
  • Each of us respects the uniqueness of each person
  • The basic values include the rights of individuals to privacy, confidentiality, self-determination and own autonomy (personal freedom).
  • Each of us maintains confidentiality about all personal information of clients
  • We prevent any misuse of clients for personal gain
  • We respect the knowledge and experience of our colleagues
  • A FYAS-certified trainer must not use false or misleading statements in advertising and marketing his/her services or in recommending selected sports products
  • A FYAS-certified trainer trains everyone without any distinction
  • Ethics is not limited to following the written rules
  • Ethics also means spiritual orientation, which is the basis for every person's behavior
  • Ethical behaviour is based, among other things, on the ability to empathize with the position of the other and to act accordingly
  • A FYAS-certified trainer performs daily activities at the highest possible professional level
  • The professional ethics of a FYAS-certified trainer is incompatible with the spread of insults, defamation or groundless allegations
  • A FYAS-certified trainer must behave in such a way to not discredit or damage the prestige of a face yoga trainer
  • A FYAS-certified trainer is an example to his / her charge
  • The FYAS-certified trainer does not mispresent his/her work in the media and to the public
  • We learn throughout our lives
  • Facial gymnastics is part of the lifestyle