Meet Svetlana

Světlana Mihulová

  • The most frequent question - How old are you? And that's why I'm announcing to everyone in advance, I'm from 1976 :-)
  • Creator and founder of the FACE YOGA ACADEMY
  • Creator and founder of the SELAVIS center
  • Accredited lecturer, therapist and trainer of anti-aging&health therapy
  • Mster of Facial Yoga
  • The author of the books:

1: Facial Yoga for Beginners and Intermediate-Phase I. building BESTSELLER

2: Eye yoga - healthy and beautiful eyes at any age

  • Lecturer at Face Yoga Academy, Selavis center and Improve Academy
  • The therapist of Light therapy, Photobiomodulation Led light panels and laser for adults and children
  • The trainer of SM system, Eye therapy, Hirudotherapy

Hallo dear friends,

my name is Světlana Mihulová and I was born in 1976.

I am a mother but still a daughter, an entrepreneur and a student, a traveler, a trainer, a trainer, a lecturer and a consultant who is still learning.

My own natural aging process brought me to facial yoga in 2006. We all have roughly 3 paths:

- we don't do anything about it

- we're going for plastic surgery

- we will start practicing facial yoga, i.e. cleavage, neck, face

I chose the third option after I tried the application of botox and hyaluronic acid to the lips. After this experience, I realized that this path is not for me.

And functional exercise?

In 2007 I had a big and painful back injury. I broke my back in three places. A vertebra in the thoracic spine, a vertebra in the lumbar spine and a coccyx, which I have deformed. The doctors wanted to operate repeatedly. I followed the advice of my mother, who claimed that it would be worse. And even though I have been in constant pain since 2007, because every time I move, my shoulders shift 7 mm, among other things... so I keep going without surgery, I had a baby and I am functioning.

If I were to write my entire biography up to today, where life has taken me professionally, privately, geographically and what I have or have not experienced, but I have certainly survived, it would be for my next third book.

Very briefly, I would like to say that my passion for the last 18 years has been my work in the tourism industry. Travelling, interacting with a countless number of different people, mentalities and nationalities. I observed changes not only in our country, but all over the world, which were repeated and were like going through a photocopier. It didn't matter what continent the country was on, what religion or politics prevailed there. The changes concerned absolutely everything, including the health of the residents.

Just as states went through ups and downs, so did my personal and professional life.

With the advent of pregnancy, there was a natural change in my personal and professional life, when my passion ceased to be a passion and, like a wave of a wand, I became a contented housewife and a loving mother waiting for her literally prayed-for offspring.

Unfortunately, when the son was exactly one year old, due to neglect, the son almost lost his life. Two years of great fear and struggle with various signs of diagnosis followed. Today I thank God, the worst is behind us and although an incurable and very serious diagnosis does not prevent us from enjoying every moment.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Some falls simply transform us into other levels. So I started to focus on what my mom and dad had been leading me to do since I was young. This includes studying at the Secondary Medical School.

My parents' guidance was in the art of natural beauty, natural care using natural resources and love, faith in God and self. Love for people, nature, work and myself.

However, I never believed that what I was led to do, what I always enjoyed, was my interest and hobby, would become what I would want to pursue professionally. And so I decided to pass on what I learned in my life.

Let me give you one piece of advice. You can train and learn from anyone. It is the free will of each of us. I just recommend, always check whether the trainers and lecturers in question are of good quality. Do they have a valid education in the field of COACHING and preferably in health sciences, because working with muscles is a responsibility and it is not only about muscles, but also reflex points on the face, spine...etc.

I hope you find everything you need on these pages. I believe that we will enrich each other. I will be happy if you also write to me :-).

Selavi, Your Svetlana