For who is face yoga?

For who is face yoga?
For who is face yoga?

Facial yoga is suitable for people from childhood to old age. It depends for what reason we practice facial yoga.

Health purpose

For health reasons, we practice face yoga from children to seniors.

Facial yoga is practiced for example in disorders of speech, pronunciation, muscular dystrophy, paresis in the face, alignment imbalances in the face, tongue stiffness, multiple sclerosis and many other disorders or diseases. It is an exercise of mind, brain, body and breath.

Aesthetic purpose

Facial yoga exercises for aesthetic purposes are used to achieve a youthful appearance.

Facial yoga or facial gymnastics, i.e. self-lifting, is an exercise that restores volume, elasticity, firmness, fullness to the entire face, clear contours that we had in our youth.

This is facial muscle training (strengthening and stretching), when we achieve a more youthful appearance by 5 to 15 years using a non-invasive method. It is a method without scalpel, botox and other not only painful but also dangerous methods. We remove already formed wrinkles.

We will slow the formation of new wrinkles, brighten and brighten our skin, return to the clean facial contours we had between the ages of 25-35 and achieve a healthy, full, youthful, beautiful appearance.

You can start exercising at any age and anywhere. It's never too early, it's never too late.

People with Botox, fillers, after upper eyelid surgery and other facial aesthetic procedures can and should exercise. For them it is a necessity.

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