Why practice facial yoga?

Why practice facial yoga?
Why practice facial yoga?

Our face

Our face is the first thing that affects our surroundings either positively or negatively. It is the first thing we see when we meet another person.

In our face we reflect ourselves, our inside, soul, heart, brain and whole body. Our current mood, emotions and feelings.

Despite this fact, we devote little time to the face, or take poor, unhealthy care. We have already learned to take care of our bodies. We take care of them in different ways and train them. But we forget about the face.


Aging is a natural process. We age from our birth. It is a fact and it affects us on a physical, psychological and spiritual level. Aging cannot be stopped, but we can slow it down, be happy, healthy, youthful and beautiful at any age until the end.

Face and our body

Have you ever thought that many people have beautiful youthful bodies, but a tired, wrinkled and sad face with a visage perhaps older than the person's years?


- The face is also our body and the head controls the rest of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the face in a healthy and correct way. Thanks to this, you will support the rest of the body and through the brain and acupressure points on the head.

- Even the most expensive cream, botox, filler and make-up cannot replace muscle, oxygenation and nutrition in the face

C'est la vie "Selaví", your Světlana Mihulová, Face Yoga Academy