Individual course - Advanced face yoga course with lifting phase


This third and highest course for regular clients (outside of the tutor course) for advanced students follows on from course No. 1 for beginners and course No. 2 for intermediate beginners. You will learn new exercises and how to do lifting exercises. We will deepen our knowledge and skills.


  • Personal approach of the lecturer
  • Individual assessment of progress in the exercise-repetition course for beginners
  • Checking the correct exercise technique, including the elimination of any errors
  • Materials for exercises - e-book in English
  • Extension of the daily starter program for body and face
  • Deepening of skills in basic exercises for the décolleté, neck and face. We will practice honestly.
  • Familiarization with new exercises of a higher level and their demonstration, including subsequent testing
  • Relaxing acupressure facial massage after exercise
  • Recommendations of natural products and also quality and affordable cosmetics without parabens
  • Instructions for exercising at home without a trainer.
  • Testing high-quality and affordable paraben-free cosmetics
  • Recapitulation
  • Joining the Face Yoga Academy group

The individual course lasts 150 minutes.

It is taught only individually in person or online via ZOOM, SKYPE, MESSENGER, WHATSAPP.

The date is determined by mutual agreement. 

290 €