Online course 18.01.2024 of Face yoga for beginners in a group


The course for beginners is designed on simple exercises to train individual parts of the facial muscles, so that you learn to perceive, practice and then train the given muscles not in front of a mirror, but during normal daily activities.


  • Personal approach of the lecturer
  • Materials for exercises - e-book in English
  • Mastering a new exercise technique
  • Knowledge of how to start the day for the whole body and face in 5 minutes
  • Morning starter program for the face
  • A series of basic exercises for the décolletage, neck and face, their demonstration and subsequent testing. We will practice honestly.
  • Relaxing face massage after exercise
  • Instructions for exercising at home without a trainer
  • Recommendations of natural products and also quality and affordable cosmetics without parabens
  • Recapitulation
  • Joining the Face Yoga Academy group

Language: English

Broadcast via ZOOM

Date: 18.01.2024

Time 18:00-20:30

The online course lasts 150 minutes. The course in goup is organized from a minimum of 3 people. Maximum number of 10 people.

190 €